Understanding 3 Different Types of HCG Diet

There are 3 different types of HCG Diet:

  1. HCG diet injections
  2. HCG drops
  3. HCG pellets

Of all the three (3) HCG diet plans, HCG drops is the most preferred one for the following reasons:

  • It comes with ingredients accredited by FDA
  • It is very efficient in weight loss
  • It helps in ditching unhealthy eating habits
  • It terminates overeating and sugar cravings.
  • Improves body metabolism
  • Helps in losing an appreciable amount of pounds and inches to give your body a more pleasing appearance.
  • Provides more motivation and energy.
  • Offers a heightened feeling of confidence and self worth
  • Improves health markers from weight loss, such as reduced joint pain, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels.

1. HCG Diet Injections

HCG injections, which are sometimes referred to as HCG shots are the medical variety of the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone. HCG injection treatment is usually prescribed for weight loss and fertility issues together with the HCG protocol.

The most commonly used dosage for the HCG diet plans is 200iU per day and the injection is applied subcutaneously according to doctors advise.

The human body consists of many various fats. Some fats are essential and they protect the important organs from mechanical injury and also provide nutrition to the body.

However, excess fat is a challenge and it is usually stored in parts of the body around the stomach, thighs, hips and similar areas around the body.

These excess fats are the target of HCG diet injection program; this is because it has been known that applying a series of HCG weight loss injections together with taking a low calorie diet will bring about mobility of these excess fats which will in turn cause a fast and sustainable weight loss.

HCG program is formulated to function by reducing your calorie consumption to 500-800 calories each day.  Although 500 calories per day was the usual limit, many doctors today recommend 800 calories per day.

Health experts advise a minimum of 1,200 calories each day. However, in addition to the calorie range of 500-800 calories, the program makes use of non-essential fat for energy supply while allowing muscle tissue and essential fat to remain by using HCG injections.

Possible side effects

There are rare reports about the side effect of taking HCG injections to lose weight; this is because they hardly occur.  However, like any prescription drug or medication, according to reviews some persons may experience side effects such as:

  • Acne
  • Breast tenderness
  • Menstrual irregularities
  • Ovarian pain

2. HCG Drops

HCG drops also known as HCG diet drops or weight loss drops are effective in weight loss. HCG drops guarantee that you will lose weight, retain muscle tissues, melt stubborn deposits of fat, reduce unhealthy cravings, drop inches, improve energy levels, regain your lost confidence and enhance healthy eating habits.

HCG drops when administered are absorbed into the blood stream where they are quickly activated to work mode. The HCG drops stimulate the hormone leptin to transmit various signals to the hypothalamus in the brain.

The hormone leptin is formed in the fat cells, its role can be described as a manager which ensures that deposits of fat are burned.

Some of the signals transmitted by leptin tell the brain when to stop eating because there is enough storage of fat to be used for energy.

Excessive eating will cause the food which cannot be burned to be stored as fat. The amount of fat stored is recorded by leptin, which tells the brain how much fat is available to be converted into energy.

The additional metabolic boosters and lipotropics provide some other vital benefits to improve loss of weight such as providing nutrition to the body, protection of muscle tissues from deterioration, providing focus and mental clarity, enhancing the functions of HCG complex and encouraging the adequate functioning of organs involved in the metabolism of fat.

Even though the HCG drops might be quite tempting, do not take it in gulps. Both the prescription and homeopathic types are sublingual as they are taken through the mouth.

They are administered beneath the tongue to be absorbed into the blood stream through the tissues and veins to make sure that you derive all the benefits.

If swallowed, it will be digested and broken down by enzymes and stomach acids which will weaken its potency.

Possible Side Effects

These include:

  • Constipation
  • Nausea
  • Leg cramps
  • Headaches

Only a few percent of dieters experience the above mentioned symptoms. The side effects are not expected to last for long, if they linger for more than 10 days, consult a professional physician. Generally, the effects are supposed to diminish maximum of 14 days due to the fact that they are minor symptoms. This implies that you will have the possibility of enjoying day to day advantages of weight loss associated with the varieties of HCG weight loss drops.

3. HCG Pellets

HCG pellets penetrated the market not too long ago, but the results are already taking place as lots of people are dropping their reviews and testimonials about their experience with HCG pellets.

HCG pellets function the same way as the drops and injections because the major ingredients are the same and it is consumed in the same manner as HCG drops.

The ingredients include amino acids, graphites, b vitamins, homeopathic HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), capsicum annum and focus vesiculosus.

The product claims to aid weight loss and suppress appetite. To take it, place the pellets under the tongue every day to make them absorb and dissolve.

While taking this supplement, you are however encouraged to follow a restricted diet plan. This requires up to 500 calories every day.

Generally, there is no particular fitness workout required to complement this weight loss product.

Benefits of HCG Pellets

  • Safe and easy to use
  • Helps in controlling appetite
  • They contain the same active ingredients
  • Effective as HCG drops and injections