HCG Triumph Diet Reviews – What Is Provided in The Program?


The HCG Triumph diet, with its Phases 1, 2, 3 (and phase 4 otherwise known as “the rest of your life”) is as simple as, well, 1 2 3.

HCG Triumph Diet Food List

The picture shows the kind of food people typically associate with dieting — fruit, veggies, protein drinks, yoghurt, and pulses. “Rabbit Food” and strenuous exercise, that’s usually what we think of when we want to lose weight.

The hCG Triumph diet is NOT like that at all!

It is far simpler, and for most of us, much pleasanter.

You take the hCG Triumph drops, eat “normal” food, and if you happen to feel like it, you can indulge in mild exercise.

But if you choose to exercise it will be to tone your muscles and to acquire a hot shape — not to lose fat — the diet + hCG drops is all it takes to achieve “fat burning.”

The Diet Program

HCG TriumphTriumph offers two different formula for those who prefer to choose a real hCG inside the bottle and a free hCG hormone ingredient especially for those who are allergic to this hormone. The free hormone version can mimic 80% the potency of the real hCG drops.

What you need to do is to decide how much weight you want to lose on this diet.

  1. HCG Triumph 26: the program will last for about 26 days with feasibility to lose up to 25 lbs
  2. HCG Triumph 40: the program will last for about 40 days and designed for those who intend to lose up to 45 lbs

HCG Triumph Reviews and Users’ Results

As the second-best homeopathic HCG drops after the HCG Complex, Triumph also delivers 90% satisfactory results to its users:

Testimonial 1

Testimonial 2

Testimonial 3

3 Steps to Burning Fat Easily and Pleasantly with Triumph HCG

To be able to reach your weight loss goals successfully, you will need to strictly follow a low-calorie diet plan, its phases, and protocols. Here are some tricks or strategies to start as per your convenience:

1. Decide how much weight you want to lose and how quickly
2. Begin the diet on Friday and gorge yourself on rich foods over the weekend
3. Eat “meat and two vegs with pudding” type meals and watch the fat vanish!

It really is that simple to lose weight with the hCG diet!

Oh, come, it can’t be! But it is.

The key is sticking very strictly to what’s allowed and not cheating – at least not during the first 3 to 6 weeks.

After that, you’re allowed to “cheat.”

Here’s the MEAL DEAL

It’s all about how hCG burns the fat off you. The diet “works “because your body is tricked into believing that there’s a widespread famine and you’re going to have to use the energy stored in your fat cells in order to avoid starving to death.

BUT, and this is the important bit, your brain has to go on believing that. So it’s imperative to eat nothing but the foods which keep your mind convinced that the only way to survive is to release energy by burning off fat.

Why does eating exactly the right foods and taking the hCG in the correct dosage have that effect? It doesn’t need to be a scientist to understand it. If your doctor told that you could safely follow the diet, then that’s good enough. So, ask your doctor what’s right for you.

To safely lose up to 2 lb a day with hCG Triumph, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Weigh yourself every morning
  2. Limit your daily food intake to 500 calories, or 1200, depending on which weight loss program you’re following
  3. Eat only foods on the permitted list in the permitted amounts:

    HCG Triumph Diet Food List
  • Example: from the picture above, what can you eat?
  • Only 3 foods. Which 3?
  • The surprising answer is:
    Strawberries, tomatoes, and broccoli.

What Can You Eat and Drink?

The rest of the pictured foods are verboten.

You can drink milk, but not a protein shake.

The recommended drink is water – lots of it – or homemade lemonade (be sure you use the right artificial sweetener when making it) and green tea, or regular tea if you must — No alcohol during phases 1 and 2.

You can have a few drinks in phase 3 though — that’s after the first 3 weeks.

Your meals consist of lean meat with veg (no potatoes in phase 2) and a pudding made with fruit and your “cracker” allowance, or you could have strawberries with yoghurt instead of cream.

So Why Buy hCG Triumph Drops, when the Diet is So Simple?

Without hCG in your body helping your brain to make the right decisions when you tried to stick to 500 to 1200 calories a day your body would burn up muscle to release the needed energy instead of burning fat, and you’d be awfully hungry.

If you were on the 500 calories a day plan, the whole attempt would backfire horribly, and you’d be quite likely to get really ill.

With hCG Triumph, you’re not likely to feel hungry, and the fat drops off.

So the choice is as simple as 1 2 3:

  1. Stay fat
  2. Exercise like a maniac, eat rabbit food and take a year to lose weight slowly
  3. Buy HCG Triumph drops, follow the HCG diet, and watch the fat vanish fast

For those who choose Option 3, we have a great time-limited offer from the official site. In fact, Triu Naturals, who makes hCG Triumph, has been making hCG drops for years in an FDA regulated facility.

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