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HCG Complex drops

What we’ve already learned about HCG diet drops before is that they are naturally occurring hormones, which medical science has discovered how to mimic in the diet supplement, HCG Complex, so as to accelerate fat loss.

HCG Complex diet drops help to re-train your brain to like healthy foods and to feel full after eating the recommended small food portions, so you stop having that awful urge to just eat and eat and eat.

Apparently, your food cravings go away real fast.

Even better, instead of those giant rolls of fat being the last part of your unwanted pounds to drop off, they’re the first.

Using hCG Complex and following the hCG diet – which includes drinking water to help lose weight – the fat stored in your cells burns off to feed your body.

Because your body is getting all the calories it needs from your stored fat (even although you’re only eating at 500 to 1200 calories a day), it seems that you don’t feel hungry.

Belly Fat Goes First with HCG Complex

The great part is because the fat is being released from your stored fat cells by HCG Complex to feed energy to your body, the official site says that all your rolls of fat disappear early on in the diet.

How Does HCG Complex work?

During Phase 1 – which usually lasts a couple of days – For the first 2 days, you start out taking the hCG diet supplement. At the same time, you get to eat even more of all the foods you love, like chocolate, cream cakes, butter sauces, popcorn dripping with melted butter, potato chips, french fries, hot dogs, banana sundaes, loads of lovely munchies like that, the richer, the better.

You need to stick closely to Dr. Simeons diet in Phase 2, but this stage only lasts for a few weeks. You will need to follow a very strict low calorie diet. But the medicos say that you probably won’t feel hungry, because you body uses stored fat for energy.

And then when you get to Phase 3, you gradually begin eating small amounts of fattening food again, and you get to start having your favorite treats now and then.

In the lovely Phase 4, the Rest of Your Life, it seems that you just eat what you like – in moderation – weigh yourself regularly, and when you see a couple of pounds creeping back on you, have a Steak Day and Bingo! they vanish.

It sure doesn’t sound like that hard of a diet to follow.

Here’s what some people we met at diet forums and places like that say about dieting with HCG Complex.


No Exercise!

Seemingly you don’t even need to exercise, although Biosourcelabs (who make HCG Complex) says that if you do exercise, then you’ll look even better because your muscle tone will improve. Don’t exercise too hard though – easy does it, they say.

Chocolate Heaven with HCG Complex

We have to say it, a diet where you can eat as much rich food as you like in the beginning, then you don’t feel hungry even during the strictest 500, 800, 1200-calorie-a-day part of it, and then after a few weeks you can get to eat chocolate now and then – that sounds like heaven to us.

Especially since it seems that most people somehow manage to lose between half a pound to 3 pounds of fat a day while doing that!

Great Support from the Company

A good way to protect both your wallet and your body is to choose an ethical company who has been around for many years and who offers good after sales support.

HCG Complex gives you tons of great recipes, weight charts, the works, and all for free. And they’re really helpful and supportive at the official HCG Complex site, and ready to talk to you 24-7 for free, they seem to really want to help you lose weight.

Seems too good to be true, doesn’t it? But you have only your fat to lose.

What Have You Got to Lose but Fat?

Well, not a thing! This brand promises that when you buy diet drops from them, you get 1-month ironclad guarantees.

And from years of our experiences, Biosourcelabs HCG Complex is one of the most trusted companies who always keep their promises.

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All the help and support they can give you, 24-7, to stick to your diet program.

Not to mention, 100% Money Back Guarantee if using hCG Complex drops doesn’t work out great for you.

Oh, and Free Shipping too. It doesn’t even take all that long for your hCG drops to reach you, especially if you are within the US.

A Safe and Reliable Way to Buy Your HCG Complex Diet

Where’s the best place to buy HCG Complex drops? We looked in quite a few places, and we were kind of shocked to see that there are some sites out there who say they’re offering proper hCG drops, but what they’re selling won’t do you a mite of good diet-wise and could be harmful to your body, it might upset your hormonal balance and like that.

But it’s up to you, even though we still think that the best place to buy is from the official site. Why?

Because it’s safer; you know that you’re getting a pure product from an FDA approved facility.

Moreover, there’s free shipping, ordering is more reliable and doesn’t take all that long for your hCG to arrive.

There are limited deals as well.

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